11 Oct

The Top Gardening Tips for Your City Garden

Snuggled in between high-rise buildings, city gardens can be a treasure to behold; hidden as such birds and airplanes have the exclusivity of the view.  When you live in a highly urbanized city, nothing brings peace to the lives of city dwellers than a city garden, which provides a get away from the pressure of city life. However, city gardens can be one of the most difficult areas to design, the reason being is the severe conditions that city gardens endure, varying from little shaded yards to the mountain-top like conditions of a warm roofing system garden. Below are some amazing city garden tips I am certain you’ll find valuable.



A little area will feel bigger the less mess there seems.  When you have so much going on like free-standing planters and furnishings in various designs can make the area feel and look smaller. The smartest thing to do is to pick 2-3 colors to work on as well as 2-3 textures.  Make use of these combinations repeatedly so that there you will be able to achieve a unified and well created output. I highly recommend using no greater than 2-3 planter designs when the garden area is small.


Long areas can be separated into different “spaces” to be able to come up with a cozier, more intimate city garden. Balconies and decks can actually be divided so that each area can be utilized for different purposes like dining in one area and lounge in another, for instance. With the use of furnishings and rugs, it will be easy to create divisions for the space usages you have in mind and as a result there can seem to have a multiple room in just one space.



When a garden is on top of a high rise building, it’s like having a garden on a mountain.  Therefore plants should be much heavier at the bottom for instance, you go for conifers.  Choosing plants/trees like conifers avoid them from being blown away whenever there is a strong wind. It is not advisable to have top-heavy plants because definitely they will be blown straight off the roof. It would be great to have plants with smaller leaves than that of plants with larger ones.


Take cautious note of views that you wish to keep open and unblocked.  Put items that are not towering to make sure the view remains without obstructions.  On the other hand, in portions where you prefer to have more personal privacy or wish to soften an unattractive wall or fence, you may use taller plants to serve as cover and thus creating more enclosure.

These 4 amazing suggestions should help you get started with your city garden.  For more garden ideas be sure to check my blog regularly.



11 Dec

The Easiest Ways to Make Your Garden Look Better

Below are easy tips on how you can make your garden look better in a snap.

Add Vibrant Colours

Gardens should be colourful and if it is not, then get several vibrant coloured wood planters with flowering plants when the season permits and you can have them on the outdoor patio or on the yard. It doesn’t matter exactly what sort of planters you get, however raised planters are specifically helpful if you have flowers or vegetables since raised planters provide more defense from unwelcome pests. If you have old plant pots, what you can do is repaint them so they’ll look more presentable – opt for calming pastel colours or maybe bright bolder colours.


Fertilise your lawn

Numerous garden enthusiasts suggest fertilising the yard a couple of times a year, maybe in between one and 4 times. For how long it takes depends upon the size of your garden however typically, it needs to take a few hours optimum.

Fertiliser can make the turf look healthy, by filling bare spots, taking out weeds as well as making the yard more lasting and resistant to foot ‘traffic’, animals and insects. You can get affordable fertilisers from your local supermarkets and Do It Yourself shops. It’s not difficult to make your garden appearance greener and more welcoming.

Don’t forget garden light

gardencGarden lighting adds beauty to your garden on warm nights. There are many options you can choose from when it comes to garden lighting.  There are battery-operated lights as well as to solar-powered lights. To start saving cash and contribute to the environment go for solar-powered lighting, it should be an excellent alternative. The range is tremendous, from various tea lights to wide range of lamp choices, a number of which may be staked into the ground.

Additionally, you can choose energy-efficient bulbs to save money on costs if you’re taking a look at non-solar-powered lights.

Repaint your shed & fence

Iffence your fence is about to fall, you may consider changing it because a dilapidated fence can make a garden look a bit withered so invest a weekend into bringing it back to life. If it just needs painting, spend a weekend for the task, it isn’t a hard task to accomplish.  You can experiment on colours, it isn’t necessary to stick to the conventional white and brown.

Many sheds can stand the test of time however if yours is already shoddy than stylish, you may need to do some scrubbing and painting. Sheds need not to be brown – you might opt for blue and white for a ‘beach hut’ look.  It’s your choice, be creative.

I hope you find these tips helpful, should you need more ideas, you can check on upcoming post or how about leaving me a message?

11 Nov

How to Revamp Your Garden Shed

After some thoughts you have finally decided that it is time to revamp your garden shed.  It has been there for some time and you haven’t really thought about it until recently.  Garden sheds are useful for your garden equipments and workspace.  Before you alter your garden shed, make sure you have a plan and this post will help you start your work.

garden shed

  1. Make up your mind exactly why you need your shed this time; consider the size and the features you want incorporated with the new. For instance, an easy storage shed will not require windows, however if you will be using it a as a work area, you have to ensure proper lighting and ventilation. If you have leisure devices, such as perhaps a sailboat, then you need to see to it the doors are big enough. How safe do you require your shed to be? Planning is not complicated but you have to go through the process to come up with a shed that’s useful.
  2. Ask regulating local authority regarding permit requirements in case you will decide to totally revamp your shed and that major construction will be involved. You do not want to be violating any local laws, so make sure that your #item 1 is in place and so actions that follow will be systematic and you can avoid circumstances you do not want to be in.
  3. It is good that you decide on a shed that will last long. When you come up with a shed plan, take into consideration the weather condition. Naturally you prefer your shed to be able to endure snowstorms, and avoid leakage in times of heavy rains. I t is essential that you make use of high quality products, and build the shed well. Whether you have a structure plan or none at all, you still have to check on the kind of soil in the garden. Be sure that drainage is well so that you will know that the shed will stand long as you expect it to be.
  4. Furthermore, the best garden shed should match your house and entire property. Pick a design which improves, and does not interfere with the visual qualities of your house. Make sure that your shed design matches your architecture, and utilize colours that will blend in or match the colours of your house. Remember that while shed is more of functional, it also has to be attractive. A good design and paint should be very useful.
  5. The moment you decide on a garden shed, it is also in your mind that it has to be a quality shed. Inexpensive design might be appealing in the short-term, however in the long term, it may not last long. You will wind up investing more cash changing a terribly made garden shed because materials used were poor in quality. If you can use materials that are durable, then the better for as long as you don’t go over budget.